Tricks to Visually Enlarge Your Small Bathroom

We spend a lot of time every day in the bathroom and we want to make it as comfortable as possible. Alas, very often the bathroom layouts provide a little space and we desperately try to use the treasured squares to the maximum. Today I would like to share what five tricks are able to expand the bathroom visually, if the actual increase is impossible.

More light for you bathroom

The dream of the majority is to have a spacious bathroom with a window through which natural daylight will pour. Unfortunately, such luxury is available most often only in private country houses. In apartments, we rely on competent artificial lighting.

In order for the bathroom to appear larger, the light should evenly fill the entire space, and not shine solely on the mirror or from above. The principle that lighting should be done at different levels, works here too: ceiling lamps need to be combined with sconces, then the room, flooded with light, will seem more spacious.

Color is important

Light walls and floors – it’s almost an axiom for small bathrooms. A well-known fact: dark walls cause a crushing feeling even in spacious squares, not to mention the small rooms. Besides to what has been said: on a dark tile, drops of water are especially visible, which solidify and leave the stains. Optimal color solution for the bathroom: a light base (white, beige, pastel) and contrasting accents, one accent wall or colored lockers.

Small space – small tiles

The size of the tile and the way it is positioned are as important as its color. Remember that the smaller the space, the smaller the size of the tiles. Small and mosaic tiles can create a sense of perspective on the wall. Too large a tile will give the guests the illusion that the wall is so very small. Small and mosaic tiles can create a sense of perspective on the wall. Too large a tile will give the guests the illusion that the wall is so very small. By the way, tiles with a small repeating pattern also works to increase the space.

Through the Looking Glass

Mirrors visually increase the space in any room, and it’s a sin not to use this effect in a small bathroom. Do not confine yourself to a small mirror above the sink. Hang the mirror to the ceiling, or choose lockers with a mirror surface. There is only one minus: the mirrors need constant care. In the bathroom, they will not be able to escape from accidental splashes, so you will have to wipe the mirrors more often than in other rooms.

Less things in sight: hidden storage

In small spaces, one should not allow the room to be overfilled with too many things. Of course, there are a lot of bathroom accessories and things what we use every day: toothbrushes, creams, towels and so on. I advise you to try not to litter the open spaces near the sink, but to group things as much as possible and put them in hidden lockers. Minimalism will create the illusion of a large and not littered space.

That’s it. I hope, these practical, well-tried advice will help you make your bathroom better.